CBC Board member is Iggy’s newest recruit

Joseph Handley, who is still listed on the CBC website as a member of that crown corporation’s board of directors was named today as Michael Ignatieff’s newest candidate for the next election.

Handley was also a former cabinet minister in the Northwest Territories.

The embarrassing thing? This Conservative government appointed him to the Ceeb’s board, a board whose bias against Conservatives I’ve written about in the past.

That’s the same CBC that took a shot against the Prime Minister for partisan patronage “hypocrisy” during the last election.

To my friends over at Canadian Heritage and PMO: you get a free pass on the partisanship of your next “patronage” appointment at the CBC to replace Handley. Nobody who has a serious voice will blame you for it. And frankly, it’s time to make more partisan appointments to the public service. Yes, today we also learned that Iggy was courting former Clerk Himmelfarb to be his Chief of Staff.

Some would argue that Prime Minister Harper should stay away from politicizing the bureaucracy and making the civil service more “partisan”. Those people would be the same that don’t differentiate between “Liberal” and “non-partisan status quo”. Indeed, a change can only be made to the right. Conservatives, your opponents will either criticize you or undermine you — critics are more easily identified and deflected.



  • terry1

    Gabby, sorry I would admit it if it was my alias but I already know who it is and they will soon be outed by the “oracle” who, by the way, is harpo's soon to be worst nightmare.

  • Gabby in QC

    “I would admit it if it was my alias”

    Terry, I wouldn't believe you if you told me the time of day, given your past and current behaviour.

    Maybe if you spent some time in “rehab for the untruthful” …

    Anyway, I won't belabour the point … whoever the Dave in that email is, it's none of my business. It's between the writer of the email and the recipient, so I fail to see why it should be relevant to any reader here, and especially to me.

  • terry1

    “Maybe if you spent some time in “rehab for the untruthful” …

    Gabby how was that course? do you recommend it for all reformatorts?

    Would harpo have a chance of ever getting out of there?

  • Gabby in QC

    “Gabby how was that course?”
    It was a very fruitful experience for participants who were sincere in their efforts to improve.

    I really enjoyed teaching it.

  • terry1

    If youwere the teacher then sincereity was not on the agenda…….you are a tory after all!!
    and we all know that


  • http://www.stephentaylor.ca Stephen Taylor

    You're going to have to tone it down Terry.